Wearing Perfumes according to the season

If you want to leave an impression on people in a party or special occasion then perfumes can help you. Perfume helps you smell good and get people’s attention. The only problem with perfumes is that if you spray too strong perfume on your body then it might irritate people around you. You must know which perfume suits you the best before applying them and you should also wear perfumes according to the season. It is not that easy to choose the best perfume. You might get confuse between too many perfumes. There are many factors that will help you in choosing a perfect perfume for your body. You must choose the perfume according to the season as it effects the strength of the perfume. Summer season enhances the strength of the perfume whereas the winter season weakens the strength of the perfume.

Summers are the best part of the year. Children wait for summer vacation. Long and wonderful days, Sunday evenings and beautiful atmosphere; everything about summer is just fascinating. The perfect perfume for summer is a light and elegant fragrance. Perfumes get strengthen in hot season so a light fragrance will be helpful to smell good. A citrusy and floral fragrance suits the hot summer season. The winter is just an amazing season. Winter is considered as the romantic season. The warmth of the daylight is a mesmerizing experience in winter. There are many reasons for a perfect fragrance to be worn in winter as it is the season of festivals like Christmas. Cold season weakens the perfume so it is recommended to choose strong perfumes in winter.

Spring is another wonderful season of the year. The freshness is all around in the spring season. The spring season is really amazing and one should wear a light and citrusy fragrance in spring season. Spring is the starting time of the year and also comes just before the summer season so the fragrance should reflect the freshness and optimism. The fourth and last season is autumn season and one should wear the suitable fragrance in this season. Autumn comes after the summer season and before the winter season. It is truly a romantic season with leaves on ground and love in the air. The fragrance chosen for this season should be sensual. A musky and spicy fragrance will be perfect for this season. There are many sites available on internet offering best perfumes with their full detail. You can also get Cheap Perfume and discounted fragrance. Purpleperfume.co.in provides best deals. You just need to place an order online and you will get the perfume at your door step.

Perfume Authenticity Discussed in Perfume Reviews

One of the greatest concerns of people who buy perfumes is whether the fragrance is original or not. Fortunately for them, a lot of perfume reviews contain valuable details that can easily confirm or deny the authenticity of the scent. Even though fake perfumes are famous for having poor longevity and projection, these two aspects are probably not the best thing to search for in perfume reviews, as body chemistry may determine the same fragrance to have drastically different longevity and projection from one person to another.

Instead, the first two things that people should pay attention to when watching or reading perfume reviews are the box and the bottle. It must be known that manufacturers of fake perfumes do not make perfect copies and the bottle is almost always proof of that. While the real manufacturers pay a lot of attention to details and sometimes even go the extra mile to provide minutiae that attest the legitimacy of the product, the fake perfumes made by counterfeiters are tacky and give away the fact that the fragrance is a poor imitation. As often stated in perfume reviews, it is possible to spot a fake even without smelling the fragrance if people pay a lot of attention to the design of the box and of the bottle.

People often hear in perfume reviews that all the bottles feature a code that should match the code on the box. That specific code is a combination of numbers and/or letters that provide information about the date of manufacture and sometimes even about the part of the world where the fragrance should be retailed.

Things become a bit more complicated when people purchase perfume decants, as the atomizers do not present any of the signs of authenticity discussed above. One of the measures that can be taken in case the seller raises suspicion is to ask the batch code of the bottle from which the decant originates. There are ways of determining whether a batch code belongs to a genuine bottle or not, and this should bring some peace of mind to the buyer. Even more, such a batch code can help sellers check when the perfume was made.

perfume reviews may also contain additional hints on how to spot fake bottles. In addition, some reviewers do not give just general advice, but they provide information pertaining to specific perfume houses. Such information is even more valuable and should be appreciated.

Perfume Pollution as Harmful as Cigarette Smoke

Many workplaces, health clubs, yoga studios, and other public settings are going scent-free, banning perfumes and scented products and the “perfume pollution” they leave in their wake. Currently, many people suffering from asthma, other respiratory disorders, environmental illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even healthy people suffer from perfume exposures, which linger in the air long after the wearer has left.

There are potentially over 500 chemicals just in the ingredient “fragrance” in perfumes. Many of these synthetic chemicals are derived from petrochemicals and are proven neurotoxins (meaning they can cause damage to the brain and nervous system) and carcinogens (linked to cancer). The research is shocking, as I learned while researching and writing my books The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan and The Brain Wash. Many of the chemicals in perfumes and other scented products are as harmful as cigarette smoke. Most people realize the dangers of exposure to cigarette smoke, including second hand smoke, but aren’t aware of the equally damaging chemicals in perfumes and colognes.

If you can smell it, it’s because these toxic synthetic molecules from perfumes are entering your nasal passages, giving them direct passage into your brain, mostly unimpeded by the blood-brain barrier. Even if you can’t smell perfumes, you may be suffering ill effects from exposure.

Arguably the most powerful organ in the body, the brain governs thoughts, moods, emotions, movement, speech, and all the body’s functions. Until recently, scientists believed that this mysterious organ was protected by an impermeable mechanism known as the “blood-brain barrier.” This is only partly true. Recent studies show that this system allows many environmental toxins including those found in perfumes and other scented products access to the delicate brain, and that once found in the brain some can take decades to eliminate – decades that can result in damage in the form of inflammation and plaque build up in the brain – two of the precursors to serious brain disorders.

Some of the most common chemicals in perfumes are ethanol, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, a-pinene, acetone, benzyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, linalool, a-terpinene, methylene chloride, a-terpineol, camphor, and limonene. While some of these chemicals are harmless, most in this ingredient list can cause irritability, mental vagueness, muscle pain, asthma, bloating, joint aches, sinus pain, fatigue, sore throat, eye irritation, gastrointestinal problems, laryngitis, headaches, dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, spikes in blood pressure, coughing, and burning or itching skin irritations.

Make Perfume With Essential Oils

if you are fond with aromatherapy, you will probably think to make perfume with essential oils.Because most of modern perfumes today are made from synthetic oils or fragrance oil.And synthetic oil don’t have the aromatherapy benefit.

Many people don’t realize how easy it truly is to create their very own special homemade fragrances. If you have a difficult time finding perfume you like, or if you just want to have fun experimenting with fragrances, give the following homemade perfume recipe a try. You even don’t have to worry about added chemicals and preservatives going onto your skin and drying it out or even worse having a severe reaction to it.

You might experiment by combining various scents to create unique signature fragrances.

To begin make perfume with essential oils, you should know the character of each essential oils. There are top notes, middle notes and base notes.

The base notes will be the fragrance that longest on your skin and tend to be deep and earthy, which is why it is added first. Base notes providing a steady base upon which to create a blend. Some examples are patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, vanilla, and nutmeg.

The middle notes also influence the fragrance of the perfume for quite a long time, Middle notes are mild smells that help mediate top notes. They make up a higher concentration. Some examples are rosewood, lavender, rose, geranium, ylang-ylang, clary sage, jasmine, ginger, hyacinth, pine and thyme.

While the top notes give the perfume its specific scent when just applied. They make up only a small part of your blend and they don’t last too long, but top notes that make the strongest aromatic presence. the top notes are added to the mixture after the middle notes and could also be followed by another ingredient to bridge the fragrances. Some examples are, bergamot, lemon, orange, peppermint, chamomile, lime, lemongrass, marjoram, bay and neroli.

Vegetable oil is used as a carrier for the essential oils, which make up just 10 to 35 percent of the finished perfume. Jojoba oils is the best choice. Jojoba has a long shelf life and once it’s on the skin it tends to dry out leaving your wonderful scent behind.

As a base for your perfume, you could try :

* 1/2 ounce of jojoba oil.
* 2.5 oz. alcohol— pure grain alcohol or vodka
* Essential oils :
o 6 drops top note
o 7 drops middle note
o 7 drops base note

Directions to make perfume with essential oils:

Using a dark bottle add the jojoba oil first.Add the essential oils start with the base notes, then middle, then top, smelling as you go. Add 2.5 ounces of alcohol, shake for a few minutes, then let it sit for 48 hours (or up to 6 weeks-the longer it sits, the stronger the smell). Put it in a dark bottle.

Now your perfume is ready. All you have left to do is to give it a name!

This is just a rough recipe and can be changed depend on what you like.Make sure to keep track of what you are adding so you will have the recipe for your favorite blends.

You can try your own variations once you get the hang of it. Aside from making distinct perfumes all your own, home made fragrances make inexpensive yet unique gifts for any occasion. Give it to your friends, You can make perfume with essential oils base on their characters.

If you think make perfume with essential oils are expensive, you can replace the essential oils with fragrance oils, but once you start using pure essential oils, you will find that synthetics no longer satisfy you.